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Whether you're 7 or 70, a day out on the water will make you feel like a kid. Come spend the day with us, and enjoy memories for years to come.

Complete Service

We offer complete rentals of wakeboards, waterskis, kneeboards, bumper tubes, paddle boards and anything else you need to enjoy your day out on the water. 

Equipment Rental. Rent one of our boats and take it out to Mammoth Lake for a day with your family.


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Latest News

Based in Curacao, we have easy access to the best Water ski and Wake board locarions in the area. 

Waterski classes. Test your balance and get a thrill with one of our waterski classes, held every Saturday this summer.

Paddle Board Rental. If you're looking for a more relaxing outing on a nearby tributary, rent a paddle board for an afternoon with your loved one and go check out the amzing coral and sea life that Curacao has to offer


Aquacactus was honored at the annual convention and visitor bureau's Best of the Area awards for our commitment to excellence and for our continued support of eco-friendly tourism. CEO Jay Arbor accepted the award for Aquacactus at the Regency Hotel.


Aquacactus named Andy Joiner our Director of Community Outreach. Andy will partner with local charity groups, particularly camps that work with children, to provide recreation opportunities for groups during the summer.